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Gallagher Farming Co.

Kim Gallagher - Colusa County, CA

A proud True Origins farmer.
Why our food is delicious

Where art and science meet

Kim Gallagher is a fifth-generation farmer in Colusa and Yolo Counties. Having grown up on a farm, Kim spent her early career teaching biology and general sciences, but was called back to the farm more than a decade ago.

Where art and science meet
True Origin farmers take good care of their land they grow on.
Committed to our resources
Our values

Committed to our resources

Relying on her science training to stay current with all the research, planning, field preparation, and precision machinery that go into managing her family’s multi-crop farm in California’s Sacramento Valley, Gallagher has become a California leader in water resources and conservation, sustainable agriculture and soil health.

Grown by Gallagher Farming Co. in California
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